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International Women’s Day – City of Women

March 7th ???? City of Women

brought to you in association with Culture Mile BID and Cheapside BID.

Join Music in Offices on Thursday 7th March 2024 for a singing performance and walk! Led by Laurel Neighbour, we’ll be celebrating the power of women’s voices past and present in from City of London.

Join us to learn the music at our drop-in sessions at 12.00-1.00pm on 15th, 19th, 22nd & 29th February, and 6.00 – 7.00pm on 28th February @ Voces8 Centre EC2V 7BX

Performing: We broke the mould – from City of Women March of the Women – Ethel Smyth Sisters are doing it for themselves – Annie Lennox & Aretha Franklin

‘City of Women’ is a project and performance dedicated to amplifying the voices of women past and present from the City of London. Originally the entirety of London, and later comprising half of it, until 200 years ago, The City encapsulates a multitude of women with diverse experiences.

In 2018, the project made its debut in Leadenhall Market, commissioned by the Corporation of London, to commemorate the centenary of women’s right to vote. The market, historically a bustling food hub, was chosen as the venue due to its role as a space where women actively engaged in buying and selling. The performance highlighted the contributions of women, including meat porters who did heavy lifting until the 1840s. Notable figures, ranging from a young watercress vendor proud of her earnings to the accomplished Hester Pinney, were featured.

Fast forward to 2024, ‘City of Women’ expands its scope by incorporating the voices of current inspiring women working in the City, championing their achievements and sharing the challenges they have faced as women in the workplace. Words from conversations with Veronica Horwell and Tessa Marchington, Director of Music in Offices, who has brought these women together, will be heard at the performance on 7th March, 2024.

These women will include Joanna Abeyie MBE, Kathryn McDowell DBE, Tangy C Morgan, Claire Ezekwe, Alison Gowman, Sadie Morgan OBE, Claire Spencer, Ayo Abbas, Rachel Engel, Julia Hoggett and Caroline Al-Beyerty. Together, they weave a narrative that bridges the past and the present, encouraging audiences to delve into the stories of all these remarkable women. ‘City of Women’ stands as a powerful tribute to women’s resilience, innovation, and impact within the City of London, celebrating their contributions across centuries.

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